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The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance

Affiliated Martial Art Schools
teaching the art of  Kuk-Sool
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Currently, there are six countries with members
that are located outside the USA.

Argentina   Brazil   Canada
Ecuador   Portugal   United Kingdom

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To become a member of The Kuk-Sool Global Alliance all that's required is to be in business as a martial art school, have it's teachings grounded in the martial art of Kuk-Sool, and to agree to participate in the transfer of students with other affiliates in the alliance. Student transfers will be based on knowledge of skill sets rather than rank, as abiding by a standardized curriculum will not be deemed mandatory. The alliance will not issue rank certificates but will merely act as a network of affiliated businesses, contributing to the appeal perceived by any students (i.e. the clients of the affiliated martial art schools conducting routine business) so that said students may find these businesses more desirable, as oppossed to others which may lack any such affiliation.



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